Precision Athlete Cryotherapy offers 5 area of recovery and rejuvenation: cryotherapy, cryoslimming, muscle scraping, leg and hip compression, and infrared sauna.

Here at Precision Athlete Cryotherapy our team members are active in fitness of some kind or another. We value the sweat it takes during training but more importantly the benefits of recovering from those sporting or athletic activities. We pride ourselves in providing the industry’s top recovery equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual trying to get healthy or an Olympic medalist, we are trained in providing the right services for all types. It is our pleasure to serve you and help you to Rejuvenate today so you can Excel tomorrow.


Brady has a degree in Recreational Therapy and starting this business because he felt like there was something missing in the area of recovery. All services that are offered with Precision Athlete Cryotherapy are things that has helped Brady with his recovery. Brady suffered for many years with locked hips. After months of yoga, massage, and different exercises, nothing helped. It wasn’t until he met a trainer in California that used similar methods of recovery that ended up helping Brady.

Now he is able to carry on these methods of recovery for others to experience and find relief from long lasting pain and injuries.


Our multi-faceted approach to find a regiment truly meant for you… & you alone!

We elevate performance, facilitate body optimization, and address daily chronic pain.

Serving as a one-stop shop for SCULPTING the physique of your dreams and pushing you beyond the limits you have set forth upon yourself.

A New Era is Here…

From the blue collar worker… to elite athlete-

We’re result-driven and always evolving.

We are Precision Athlete!