What is Cryoslimming?

Precision Athlete Cryo - Des Moines, Iowa

All right. So a lot of people ask, how does fat freezing or cryo slimming work with cryotherapy? So what we do with our targeted cryotherapy is, again focus on specific areas that you want worked on. The cool part is because it is isolated. I’m going to turn this on for a quick example of what it looks like. So the  CO2 sprays through here. And so you’re able to target specific areas. So if someone’s working in their midsection, we focus on the stomach and the sides as one service, and we can target that whole area down to 35 to 32 degrees. This has a temperature gauge there. So we know exactly how cold the area’s getting and when the fat freezes it hardens, and it can turn into metabolic waste. And when that happens, your lymphatic system can break it down and flush it out of the system. 

So that slimming effect will take place. Once the fat is frozen and dissolved, it will not grow back. And  I’m sure you guys are working on some type of fitness plan or eating healthy. This is just going to aid in that process. Another thing that people ask me, should they do it after their training session with their personal trainer in conjunction or before. And honestly, you should do it at the same time because your,  your lymphatic system is changing and flushing out all those toxins that are going to help aid that process.  Most cryotherapy slimming sessions are a four to six-week program, to really get that lymphatic system that drainage going and, and that’s something that effect to take place.